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Arkology is a work of speculative fiction created by Thomas Doyle

The arkology project is an alternate reality Doyle began working on in 2015. In the world of arkology, everyday people find “time capsules” of sorts that contain artifacts from the future, not the past. These containers, called “arks,” are filled with quotidian objects such as currency, scraps of magazine articles, and children’s coloring books, many of which point to a world that has an uncanny (if unsettling) resemblance to our own.

Since the project’s inception, Doyle has created objects, short films, and other elements in this expanding world. In 2020, the American Arkology Society “commissioned” Doyle to create a series of models based on arkology “research.”

You can explore the world of arkology at

Selected objects from arkology

The artifacts below represent some of the many objects Thomas Doyle has created for the arkology project. Each image links out to its explanatory page on the American Arkology Society web site. 

Models created for the American Arkology Society

In 2020 Doyle was “commissioned” by the American Arkology Society to create a series of models depicting scenes based on evidence uncovered in arks found in the United States. View the video explaining the process and the models below.